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From a modest beginning in 1906, United Plantations Berhad has, over the years, grown in size and stature to emerge as one of the larger plantation groups in Malaysia.

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The Company’s principal business activity is in the cultivation and processing of palm oil, coconut and other plantation crops in a sustainable manner.

Its subsidiary companies are engaged in several downstream activities such as; processing palm oil; and manufacturing; packing/distributing of end products in the form of cooking oils, edible oils, specialty fats and soap products.

United Plantations Berhad is one of the most efficiently managed, eco-friendly and integrated plantation companies in Malaysia and is well known globally for its best agricultural practices and high quality standards.

In Malaysia UP´s total Landbanks consist of approximately 40,855 hectares. The main focus is cultivation of oil palms (90%) and coconuts (10%). In Malaysia, United Plantations Berhad operates 6 Palm Oil Mills and the Unitata refinery, a subsidiary that has been cooperating for a number of years with AarhusKarlshamn AB; a leader in the global speciality fats sector.

With the acquisition of two Indonesian plantation companies in 2006 and 2009, the total planted hectarage in Indonesia at present is approximately 10,000 hectares. A new "State of the Art" 60mt per hour mill was commissioned at July 2010 on Lada Estate, Kalimantan.

United Plantations Berhad is known for its high level of social responsibility and environmental awareness together with the Company's leading role in the research and development of high yielding palm products.

United Plantations Berhad possesses considerable know-how in plant breeding, agronomy, and micro-propagation through its own R&D facilities for the development of new and improved planting materials as well as improved crop husbandry practices.

This has resulted in United Plantations Berhad being recognized as one of the highest yielding, cost-competitive and innovative plantation companies in Malaysia.

United Plantations Berhad’s connection with the AarhusKarlshamn group is seen as a very important business strategy in providing traceability and thereby the ability to control the raw materials from the agricultural source to the final product - contrary to many other refineries, who have to source their raw materials from the open market.

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